You say you’d have more faith in my comments if I “cited actual concerns” (what, like how free and automated can engender fire and forget in the mind of a business person?) and didn’t have a conflict of interest (like seeing every single business client of the business I just bought all piled into the same source of trust?)…

The real problem with my post is I did not write it for you! I wrote it for the non-technical reader of The Startup.

Now consider: I could write a bash script to do the following:

  1. fire off curl on google’s search api with terms from various lines of business.
  2. traverse the results, again calling curl on each.
  3. grep the response for “cart”
  4. traverse the subset with a shopping cart and use openssl to get the cert info.
  5. calculate the days the cert if valid… looking for 90.

Now I have a set of ecommerce sites I know are “secured” by LE. Next step? Please read here:

Why didn’t I include that? Because I am not writing for the tech crowd.

Lastly, this:

100k views and 1.5k claps in the face of the outrage of the super-senior-smartest-guys-in-the-room-pocket-protector-set-who-all-think-the-same maybe should reveal to us that there is a perspective on this we might want to consider? But no… we’re the smartest people in the room and the definition “stupid” is “the people who don’t think like us.”

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I am a charter member of the pocket-protector set, but old enough to make fun of them and otherwise have a healthy skepticism of tech.

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