You go from suggesting those of who are commenting aren’t even US citizens… Well, I was born in Milwaukee, WI in 1967 and happen to have a high level security clearance… something only citizens can obtain.

Then you think we don’t know what “prima facie” means (as in “on its face” — or more easily understood, “at first look”) And then — and this is just amazing — you state “Trump released an incomplete transcript of the July 25th telephone call he had with the President of Ukraine” as if you know anything about how that process works… So I’ll help you…

There is a computer system which uses voice recognition technology to transcribe calls like this. But because of accents and foreign languages, that system can only do so much. So in a case like this you will have people in Situation Room listening in, including people who speak the other language in question (someone like LTCOL Vindman). They will be taking notes of their own. And then when the transcript is created they will look it over and make any needed recommendations as to changes. None of these people testified as to having any problem with the accuracy of the transcript.

Interestingly enough, these transcripts are automatically considered at least secret, if not top secret, before the ink is even dry. This is both a courtesy to the other head of state and designed to ensure careful thought be given to the nature of what is discussed. A formal process exists to review the information to see if it can be declassified. In this case, Vindman apparently discussed the contents of the call — classified information at the time — with people like the so-called “whistleblower,” who then filed his complaint with Congress.

Oops. We have to train each year on “Unauthorized Disclosures” of classified information — and the Whistleblower Law expressly does not cover or protect someone from disclosing classified info in a complaint. The dude broke the law, plain and simple.

But then Trump ordered the transcript to be declassified. Your idea of what “says it all” is conveniently slanted toward something you know nothing about.

There remains one fact witness who can testify as to a conversation with the President himself on this matter. That is Sondland and his testimony exonerated the President.

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I am a charter member of the pocket-protector set, but old enough to make fun of them and otherwise have a healthy skepticism of tech.

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