YES!!! That is quite the point! Ask why you are using SSL… er… TLS…

Is it merely to avoid the stigma of Google saying your site is “insecure”? If that is the case, the real question is this: What kind of data do you work with on your site? Do you have personally identifiable information (PII)? (If your site has a form which allows people to sign up for something by entering their name and email address, the answer is yes!). Do you have information covered by an NDA? If you’re a small business, do you have data which could hurt your place in the market in a competitor obtained it?

If the answers to these questions are all no, then LE is a perfectly suitable solution because it is free and automated…

But what happens when a small business person who does have all three kinds of data described above hears “free” and “automated”?

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I am a charter member of the pocket-protector set, but old enough to make fun of them and otherwise have a healthy skepticism of tech.

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