Paul… I am arguing that wealth is created when people (labor) take the raw materials of the earth and make useful or desired things from them. You are confusing value for wealth. The work of the barista has value, but without the farmer growing the coffee and the potter forming the coffee mug, there is nothing to serve, and therefore no value to provide. Value arises from the creation of wealth… which happens in only one way — taking the things of the earth and making something.

As for “most beer” being produced in large plants, that is increasingly false here in the United States. Previous regulations, which were put in place at the behest of the owners of those big plants, were repealed and as a result a whole new economy arose… new wealth created and new forms of value.

You really need to visit San Diego before you make sweeping generalizations about who is benefiting from the craft beer boom. Small breweries and tasting rooms are creating hundreds of jobs, and people come here from around the U.S. for “beer tourism” — also creating significant jobs.

You are also completely wrong on the tax cuts… average middle class Americans saw a significant bump in take home pay and end-of-year tax reconciliation.

Where you are right is in characterizing current disparities as dystopian. But the answer is not to disincentive the creation of wealth by redistributing it. The answer is to rell back the financialization of the economy and get wealth creators (not corporate rent seekers) back to being first in line for the nation’s money supply, not last as they are today.

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I am a charter member of the pocket-protector set, but old enough to make fun of them and otherwise have a healthy skepticism of tech.

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