Judge… A lot here, but I think it’s all based on a very shallow caricature of your “Republican” neighbor.

We are in the midst of a generational changing of the guard in the Republican Party. What you have described mostly is the John McCain neo-conservatism of yesterday’s Republican Party.

Then there is the original Libertarian, sound-money (domestic policy) and non-interventionist realism (foreign policy), conservatism. We have seen, over the past 50 years, an erosion of “conservative” philosophy into a bastardized corporatist version roughly known among us as “neo-conservative” (and that is an epithet — along the lines of “war monger” and “bankster”).

This change began with people like me, at my age, having watched what happened to our parents’ retirement in 2008. We had fresh memories of having been told a lot of things about the economy that proved not to be true. It was a case of either being flat out lied to (Hank Paulson) or the blind leading the blind (Giethner/Bernanke). Our neighbors’ homes were flat out stolen by the likes of Steve Mnuchin. (He and Paulson ought to be cell mates right now.) We decided we no longer believed what we were being told by the “experts” with their shiny Nobel Prizes (Krugman), or those in government, neither of whom had ever done anything in the real economy — that place where ordinary people use these two things God gave us called hands to take the raw materials of the earth and actually make things others want to buy.

And so you have “yesterday’s” Republicans like McCain, and quite a few others like him. If McCain will rightly be missed by his loved ones, his philosophy will most certainly not be missed by the rest of us. And then you have “tomorrow’s” Republicans like Rand Paul and Mike Lee. So what does that mean for “today’s” Republican?

We know we are in a transitional period. We did not believe what we heard from the “traditional” (meaning establishment) candidates. We did not like what we heard from Trump. So we had to decide — which was worse? Voting for liars or voting for a rather vulgar, juvenile construction site supe from Queens.

If you want to understand why we chose the latter, just understand that we see the difference between Trump and the rest of the Washington/Wall Street Axis of Greed as the difference between those who dress up and perfume their vulgar greed and corruption with faux cultural sophistication, and Trump — who doesn’t bother. 2016 really was Hans McMurdy vs. Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over…

You see, Trump is a mirror. Voting for him was a matter of doing two things: 1) Holding two middle fingers as high as possible in the face of the Paulsons, Geithners, Bernankes, and Mnuchins; and 2) watching them have to actually look in the mirror (at Trump) and see their real selves — for eight glorious years.

Yes, that is today’s Republican Party — deal with it. We have broken out the lawn chairs, popped the popcorn, ordered the pizza, and stocked up with beer as we watch this putrid Axis of Greed actually have to stare in the mirror and see themselves for who they really are. It really is quite entertaining.

The thing we have that today’s Left patently lacks is self-awareness. I know exactly what I sound like and I frankly don’t care. I also know that Trump has come, he will be in office for eight years, and then he will be gone. 2024 is when we begin picking up the philosophical pieces of a political ideology that we allowed to be bastardized into providing a government by the banks and for the banks. We needed a bull to rage in this damn china shop and so we elected one. He raged and broke pretty much everything in sight as we watched cheering in our lawn chairs. And since it is clear the Left did not get the memo, we will be the kindly neighbors we are and will be sending them a copy for their records in November.

The question I have for my Democrat neighbor is whether you have the self-awareness to realize you are in the midst of exactly the same story. AOC is your bull in the china shop. You don’t realize it, but it is her rhetorical talent and social media skills that are driving your presidential field so far further left than people in this country are willing to go. AOC is the anti-Trump.

The only person in your field who can beat Trump is Tulsi Gabbard. And the reason I know this is because only one Dem candidate has criticized Trump and has NOT been met by a response from him. He knows full well that to respond to her is to hand his millions of Twitter followers to her as an audience — even if briefly. He knows she is smart enough not to get offended and run crying to her safe space, but rather to make the most of that kind of opportunity.

So what this means is we will continue to be the Party of Trump for another four years. But we are completely self-aware as to what this means — and we don’t care.

Then in 2024 on our side it will be between Rand Paul and Mike Pence. If the Dems have half a brain they will let Tulsi clean up the Dem’s china shop after AOC and her Loony Squad have had their run of the place.

If the Dems put Gabbard up in 2024 and the Republicans are stupid enough to put Pence against her, we will have a repeat of 1980. Back then it was “Reagan Democrats.” A Pence vs. Gabbard 2024 campaign will result in “Gabbard Republicans” and we will get absolutely clobbered.

If today’s Republican Party understand the times we live in — and I believe we broadly do — we will put Rand Paul up against Gabbard. I will work my ass for Paul. But after voting and hanging out over beer with other Paul volunteers, I’ll probably go to bed early, knowing that at least on the foreign policy side of things, we will have an adult who has been there, done that, and learned the needed hard lessons.

Then, when we’re done wasting trillions telling other people how to live their lives, we might be able to get our heads wrapped around the intertwined trio of bullshit (read: fiat) money, the public debt, and money in politics.

I am a charter member of the pocket-protector set, but old enough to make fun of them and otherwise have a healthy skepticism of tech. https://goo.gl/2z5Snr

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